is a modern cloud based - transport solutions platform which provides high end products and services :- like Dispatch system; booking device; Roof signs...etc, mainly for taxi companies or individuals who own taxi's; Hotels; bars; Restaurants; Company receptions; Event and exhibition locations and many more.

Dispatch system with an integrated taxi app that provides the foundation from which to serve today’s taxi customers efficiently and effectively:

  • Order your Taxi with Buzz device (New and innovative technologies) from your convenience Venue. 
  • Enter trip reservations quickly with minimal training
  • Recognize existing customers with reservation history                
  • Increase pickup accuracy with Google Places and Address lookup
  • Provide accurate fare estimation
  • Dispatch calls automatically to the most efficient driver and vehicle (Zone and/or Closest)
  • Accept taxi app bookings to increase convenience and reduce staffing
  • Accept in-vehicle and in-app electronic payment for improved service. (Coming Soon)
  • See trip progress with real time GPS vehicle and job tracking.

We work together with renowned European companies to provide modern taxi products with innovating features.

How do we separate taxis from ordinary cars in the busy street life? What distinguishes a taxi? We dare to say that the taxi roof sign is the most recognizable feature for a taxi. The Taxi roof sign does not only separate a taxi from other vehicles, it is also a perfect place to display your company logo which helps the customer recognize your company among others.  

Why Us ?


Mobile Apps for Passenger & Drivers

Take your taxi booking apps at your fingertips online. 


Smart Dispatcher

Automatically dispatch new cab bookings to most suitable drivers.

                                       Hospitality Booking device       

Use a Modern Taxi booking device to book a Taxi for your customers with just a press of a button,without call charges and without a need of downloading App´s. 

This Hospitality booking device has been designed specifically for Hotels,Bars cafe & Restaurants,Nightclubs,Supermarkets,Doctor surgeries,Hospitals,Conference venues,Company reception desks and ....etc. allowing you to book instantly for your guests.

                                      More about .........

Roof Signs.

We deliver digital taxi roof signs / digital taxi toplights,which are new  innovative and attractive products that take traditional taxi roof signage to the next level  compared to traditional taxi roof signs with static messages.    

  24/7 Support

   24/7 technical support and a dedicated account manager to deal with issues instantly                                                                                                          

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