Be a Transporter of  BUZZ ON DEMAND !

Many reputable transport companies and drivers are now connected to, the online Cloud based taxi platform with national coverage.
But because of our new On Demand service, we are looking for even more professional drivers.

On Demand means a ride with immediate availability. This On Demand booking works directly via the new driver app and the passenger app. For this we would like to enter into a partnership with you.

  • Large (growing) national network
  • Order online and reserve via website and app
  • Order through Buzz device placed at different venues and get your Taxi 
  • Rural marketing with large advertising campaigns
  • You will be paid immediately after the ride
  • High-level customer service


Becoming a transport partner of BUZZ. offers many advantages for you as a transporter. Are you interested in what we have to offer ? Enter your details below. You will then receive the BUZZ On Demand information package by e-mail.

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